Let’s create a sustainable future

Our goal is to contribute to society, delivering products and services that are greener in the whole chain of purchasing to recycling. Our CSR Procurement Guidelines helps us and suppliers to meet these goals. We are strengthening our environmental management more than ever before and striving not only for legal compliance but also to further reduce substances of concern. We ask all our suppliers to understand and cooperate with the spirit of these guidelines. 

CSR, Quality, Environment and Information Security
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The CSR policy is a central theme within the mission

Our policy is based on the values people, planet and profit. Amongst deepening environmental issues, diverse initiatives aimed at the realization of a sustainable society are required. We have established a concrete Environmental Policy and targets, and we are striving to reduce our environmental impact with the aim of achieving those targets.


People are the center of everything we do. That is why we invest in the well-being and personal development of its employees and their environment. 


Every year, we measure our environmental emissions with the environmental barometer, targeting a year on year improvement.


Valuation of our customers is important to us so we always deliver what we have agreed with our customers and that our services meet their expectations.