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Wessanen accelerates reporting with SAP HANA



With the end of the support period for the existing SAP landscape in sight, food company Wessanen wanted to get started on time for the migration to HANA. A tough challenge, which has been turned into an opportunity with the help of BPSOLUTIONS. With the new solution, the business can be provided with information much faster, because reporting now takes much less time.

Wessanen cannot afford to fail systems. According to CIO Wouter Engbers, that would cause millions of euros in damage. It is therefore essential that systems always remain up and running. So when SAP announced that support for the current version of the Business Warehouse software would end in 2025, Wessanen had to think about the migration to the new data platform HANA. Because that is the new data platform from SAP, for both Business warehouse and SAP applications.

Make it future proof

In order to utilize resources as efficiently as possible, VMware virtualization is used in combination with SUSE Linux for SAP as the operating system. Mark Jansen, Service Strategy Consultant at BPSOLUTIONS, explains that this solution offers Wessanen both flexibility and high availability, in combination with the SAP replication mechanism.

The main advantage is that reports are now developed faster, making information available to the business more quickly. “In addition, the entire maintenance of the systems has become much simpler. As a result, we have less work to do with support and if there is a problem, we immediately see what it is,” explains Engbers. as before to check all systems whether data is correct. ”

According to Engbers, the system also runs “very stable”. “And that is perhaps the best advertisement, because availability is really very important to us.” According to Jansen, this stability is the result of the use of certified appliances, which have been extensively tested in all kinds of business environments.


BPSOLUTIONS has experience with migration processes to HANA since the introduction of HANA in the market, says Jansen. “We have a proven track record. We have implemented HANA in many organizations large and small.” According to Engbers, this was very noticeable. “Our IT people also know a lot about SAP, but the knowledge of BPSOLUTIONS went further. In terms of planning, the process was very tight. We have little customization, so the migration may have been relatively simple, but it remains. always a lot of work. ”

The chosen solution came out after two workshops. In three quarters of a year it was on the air, which, according to BPSOLUTIONS, is much faster than in comparable situations. That speed was mainly the result of the close cooperation between both parties. “I am very proud of what we have achieved together,” says Engbers. “The new landscape as it now stands is a major improvement.”

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