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From Microsoft Enterprise Agreement (EA) to CSP model

Does your Microsoft Enterprise Agreement need to be renewed again? Then first read this blog how you can gain more flexibility and insight, while also saving costs.

Different cloud licenties

There are several ways in which organizations can purchase their licenses today: Direct (eg with Credit card or on account), via MPSA (Select, Open license agreements), Enterprise Agreements (from 1,000 seats) and via the new Cloud Solutions Provider program (CSP).

The Microsoft CSP program

Regardless of the way in which cloud licenses have been purchased at the moment, these can always be transferred to the CSP program, regardless of the number of seats.

Benefits CSP program

This gives many advantages. Just for what you use, arbitrary mix and match of products and licenses, no big payments up front, can easily add or reduce licenses, switch to other subscriptions and add services.

  • Take control of your monthly and annual budgets
  • Insight into your maximum and minimum expected consumption
  • Filter by vendor and / or license type
  • Determine your own maximum consumption to avoid high (unexpected) costs
  • Create reports of usage at the detail level in just a few clicks

BPSOLUTIONS offers its customers a cloud portal where more insight is possible with other contracts. In addition, it is possible to define cost centers to simplify internal invoicing within your organization and to improve insight.

Request your free quote now!

  • Access the BPSOLUTIONS Online Cloud Portal
  • Manage your licenses in a few clicks
  • Create your own catalog
  • TaylorMade dashboarding and reporting in a jiffy


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