Empower your team, join our internal workshop: Save the Data

Empower your team, join our internal workshop: Save the Data

Ransomware attacks are a growing problem for organizations. Attacks encrypt and/or steal your organization's data.
Too often the only way forward is paying a hefty ransom. The financial damage is enormous, but the damage to a company's reputation can be equally devastating.

In 2023, Group-IB researchers found that the number of Ransomware attacks in Europe increased by about 52%. Unfortunately, these numbers will only increase in the coming years. 

As an organization, how can you prepare for such an attack and how do you best protect your data? 

BPSOLUTIONS and Rubrik have joined forces for a unique event: "Save the Data". This event offers an internal workshop for your team, where a ransomware attack is simulated life-like in a secure environment. Your colleagues will be confronted with realistic scenarios, allowing you to determine together which recovery plan is best suited to optimally protect and recover your organization's data. 

  • Is your business prepared for a possible ransomware attack?  
  • Do you want to improve your security measures and protect your data from cyber threats?  

If so, we would like to invite you to an exclusive "Save the Data" event organized especially for your team. This event is completely optional and can be organized at a location and time of your choice. Contact Stefan Folkerts for more information and to schedule your Save the Data event! Protect your business and your data.

Join our internal workshop to optimize data protection and recovery plans for your organization. 



If you want to read more about securing and restoring data, download the Rubrik whitepaper here

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