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S/4HANA on Azure: flexible and secure, more value from data

The switch to S/4 HANA revolves around the new software from SAP that uses technologies, such as artificial intelligence, and a very fast database for real-time analysis in order to optimally support the business end users. In this blog, we would like to share our vision on the value of the collaboration between SAP and Microsoft Azure, and explain the added value of an expert partner in the migration process.

S/4 HANA is the leading application suite from SAP, which takes full advantage of the fast HANA in-memory database technology. Reporting and batch processing performance improves significantly. This transition allows SAP users to be innovative and work efficiently by leveraging the new functionalities.

Azure is the cloud proposition of Azure; this provides both infrastructure capacity and a large number of applications and platforms as a service. There is an ongoing trend that organizations no longer want to have the underlying infrastructure in-house, but instead use cloud capacity for this. After all, they can purchase capacity according to the amount they use, without having to put the entire investment amount for the required HANA infrastructure on the table in advance. Based on best practices and reference architectures, the industry leaders SAP and Microsoft joined forces and offer unparalleled scalability and performance with guaranteed system availability.

Reliability, security and a higher value from data

Setting up S/4 HANA on Microsoft Azure offers a number of additional benefits:

Extremely high reliability:
Microsoft is a hyperscaler with data centers in 140 countries and can therefore guarantee almost one hundred percent availability.

Better security than in most on-premise environments:
Microsoft has a multi-billion dollar annual security budget available and employs thousands of security experts. Azure has various security levels and holds all common ISO & SOC certificates.

Rich functionality:
Rich functionality: Microsoft offers an unprecedented amount of applications on Azure. Integrations are endlessly possible for example for data analysis and helps to get much more value from data.

Integration and data exchange is faster and easier to achieve by using SAP and other applications within the same Azure cloud.

In combination with the built-in intelligence in S/4 in the form of automation, machine learning and analytics, business processes based on real-time data can be set up more efficiently in a short time. According to Microsoft and SAP, this can sometimes be achieved in minutes.

Of course there are also points for attention regarding the complexity of the design, the costs and that organizations are making themselves dependent on Microsoft.

A good partner helps tackling the issues

Whether it concerns determining the required capacity and configuration, flexibility, but also the required safety measures, these are all matters where, in addition to knowledge, the required experience is also required. Moreover, monitoring and management of the solution is a task in which a partner can provide excellent support. A good IT partner provides (online) insight and alerts in matters such as exceeding agreed capacity consumption or when crucial processes are not working properly.

Using one cloud solution means that no costs are incurred for, for example, data traffic and security between different clouds. In addition, it is known that this type of business-critical applications are not suitable for moving quickly, or for regularly making radical adjustments. Stability is a requirement and reliable supporting parties and an accompanying partner are part of that.

Since its foundation in 2001, BPSOLUTIONS has focused on highly available infrastructures for mission critical SAP HANA workloads, both on-premise as well for cloud environments, and therefore knows from experience what the challenges are.

BPSOLUTIONS: extensive track record in successful HANA migrations

BPSOLUTIONS is the market leader in the Netherlands in designing and setting up SAP HANA infrastructures and has extensive experience in guiding migrations. Large companies such as Rabobank and Wessanen used the knowledge and experience of BPSOLUTIONS to make their SAP HANA migration a success. Through independent and well-founded tailored advice, BPSOLUTIONS ensures that organizations make optimal use of all the benefits of S/4 and Azure.

BPSOLUTIONS has expertise in planning migration strategies and is strong in technical implementation. Another aspect is that customers can rely on a team of experts for management and support 24x7x365. In this way, BPSOLUTIONS provides a SAP landscape that always works securely and reliably.

Would you like to know more about how BPSOLUTIONS can help to realize the best foundation for S4/HANA? Download the e-book “Why now is the time to switch to SAP HANA” or contact us without obligation.

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