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Native Backup and Recovery for Azure

Native Backup and Recovery for Azure

Modernize backup and recovery of your data and enterprise applications for enterprises built on Microsoft Azure. Protect your Azure cloud with consumer-grade simplicity. Scale regional and global protection with policy-driven automation. Eliminate the risk of data loss with custom retention. Accelerate recoverability with just a few clicks.

Downtime today means much more than it did in the past, affecting not only your business processes but also customer satisfaction and business reputation. At the same time, there is more data than ever, in more places than ever, and all of it needs to be managed and protected. A challenge that legacy solutions aren’t equipped to handle.

Whether you are running on-prem or in Azure, with fully managed services with Rubrik, BPSOLUTIONS delivers all aspects of data management with consumer-grade simplicity and policy-driven intelligence across all Microsoft apps – physical or virtualized Windows, SQL Server, Hyper-V, Office 365, OneDrive, and Azure. Power on your SQL and Hyper-V backups instantly or provision a clone from any desired point-in-time for test/dev in minutes.

As you shift your apps to Azure, Rubrik orchestrates all critical data management functions – backup, recovery, search, archival, analytics, and more – for your cloud- native and hybrid cloud applications.


Whether it’s on-prem or in Azure, Rubrik powers on apps for recovery, search, analytics, and test/dev. BPSOLUTIONS managed cloud backup can deploy Rubrik on-prem or in our cloud datacenter via plug-and-play appliances which include the required hardware and software with our managed services on top. We can replicate your on-prem apps and data to our cloud and onto Azure. We can quickly spin up apps in Azure for cost effective application recovery or test/dev. BPSOLUTIONS will modernize your time and money consuming backup and recovery processes with cloud-native protection and automated lifecycle management for Azure VMs, Azure NetApp Files (ANF), Office 365, and OneDrive.

Cloud like pricing model

With managed backup and recovery services for cloud with Rubrik, BPSOLUTIONS offers you full operational 7×24 managed services for on prem, private and public cloud. Not only do we guarantee backup and restore success rates, we also manage your SLA. We do so with our highly skilled teams of Mission Critical Engineers and Technical Consultants.

Our managed backup and recovery services for cloud with Rubrik include hardware, software and managed services consumed by you on a pay per use model. We will charge you on a price per TB per month just like you do in the cloud with a base capacity and term with on demand growth options.


As a long time service provider in Mission Critical IT the BPSOLUTIONS mission critical engineers know enterprise backup has always been a pain. The complexity of legacy platforms consumes valuable time and often leads to configuration mistakes resulting in missed backups, failed restores and enormous risks for the business. In addition legacy systems are notoriously slow when restoring data. Lengthy and inconsistent recoveries can be very detrimental to your business. As the volume of data has grown, so has the cost of backing up and storing that data. Sometimes data protection can cost more than primary storage, especially if your want to do it well.

BPSOLUTIONS offers highly secure managed cloud services for Mission Critical IT. Our services are reward with an astonishing Net Promotor Score of 87. Rubrik delivers radically better (and simpler) data protection and is the only vendor that comes near to our NPS with their Net Promotor Score of 82.

Bundled, BPSOLUTIONS managed services and Rubrik cloud data management technology deliver a radically improved data protection experience.

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