Microsoft New Commerce Experience: What You Need to Know

Microsoft New Commerce Experience: What You Need to Know

What is Microsoft New Commerce Experience?

The New Commerce Experience (NCE) model is part of Microsoft's Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program. The pay-per-seat-model (CSP) is aimed at managed service providers and helps them to sell additional services to their end customers. Microsoft considers partners essential to support end customers in their digital transformation and in this way has created a model in which Partners can deliver added value. The New Commerce Experience Model includes licenses for CSP Perpetual, Microsoft Azure, Office 365, Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, Power Platform and Windows 365. This new subscription form will be available to every user from January 2022. Note that the migration is not started automatically, but must be performed manually. Learn more about the capabilities of BPSOLUTIONS:

How does NCE affect my subscription?

If you are already using a (legacy) subscription, it will eventually be replaced. For NCE, a transition period applies until March 1, during which both CSP and NCE subscriptions can be purchased. In addition, current CSP subscriptions can still be extended until July 1, 2022, for a whole year. Please note: when that extension expires, the subscription ends. You must therefore have an NCE subscription on time.

What does that mean for prices?

Most Microsoft Office 365 SKUs will be 15% more expensive as of March 1. All information about the price increases can be found here. Please note: if you want to (continue to) pay on a monthly basis, you pay a premium of 20%. Opting for annual invoicing prevents these extra costs. However, this has an important disadvantage: on an annual basis you can scale up and down much less flexibly than when you pay on a monthly basis. BPSOLUTIONS can advise you in a mix of annual and monthly licenses in order to maintain the flexibility you are used to and to reduce the price increase of 20% as much as possible.

What can BPSOLUTIONS do for you?

Through the BPSOLUTIONS MyCloud portal, we offer licenses through the CSP model. If you want a price guarantee for your licenses for another year, you can purchase it through us before March 1. Then you will not be bothered by the price increase and changing conditions for NCE for the time being. We can easily calculate the difference in costs for you. Feel free to contact us for more information.

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