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IT Integration Spaarne Ziekenhuis & Kennemer Gasthuis

IT integration Spaarne Ziekenhuis & Kennemer Gasthuis

In 2015 the Kennemer Hospital and the Spaarne Hospital merged and continued under the name Spaarne Gasthuis. By joining forces, Spaarne Gasthuis can continue to guarantee high-quality care for patients in the Haarlem region. As a result of the merger, the hospitals can, in addition to the high quality of care, also make further specialization possible, for example in the care of patients with cancer. Prior to the merger, the hospitals were already working on the introduction of a single Electronic Patient Record and Hospital Information System (called Epic, ed.).

The merger between the two hospitals was a heavy burden for the employees of the organization, not least for the IT team. The biggest challenge was finding the right balance between the activities that supported the merger and the activities for day-to-day operations. BPSOLUTIONS consultants supported both merger-related and regular activities during this period.


BPSOLUTIONS was asked to set-up and run the program management office. With the aim of ensuring coherence between the various programs, such as Epic, the transition of medical applications, business support applications and the refurbishment of the ICT Infrastructure. BPSOLUTIONS assisted the organization in developing the enterprise architecture model for healthcare into a practical tool for making choices at all levels and all areas within ICT and innovation.

The steering committee received a report about the direct results of the program management office. BPSOLUTIONS provided:

  • the strict control on scope, time, quality and budget, so that the Steering Committee always had the most up-to-date information at its disposal;
  • the timely, ready and relevant steering information to support decision-making. This formed the bridge between
  • substantive team members and decision makers;
  • the high-quality expertise in infrastructure and application integration;
  • the existing knowledge and experience with mergers and acquisitions and the associated challenges for organizations.

BPSolutions asked the ICMT Manager of the Spaarne Gasthuis about the cooperation: “The consultants of BPSolutions were well able to maintain overview and peace of mind and to support us with this transition and all related challenges. They showed that they had great adaptive capacity and worked well with the team.”

Spaarne Gasthuis

Spaarne Gasthuis (SG) is part of the Vereniging Samenwerkende Topklinische opleidingsziekenhuizen (STZ). 28 hospitals are affiliated with this association. A top clinical hospital deals with education and education, the promotion of high-quality patient care and applied scientific research and care innovation.


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