BPSOLUTIONS helps organizations with fit-for-purpose cloud strategy

BPSOLUTIONS helps organizations with fit-for-purpose cloud strategy

How do you migrate to the cloud? You do this by looking at applications one by one and measuring them on the basis of a business impact cloud readiness matrix, says Mark de Groot, CEO at BPSOLUTIONS. According to him, you cannot just migrate applications without jeopardizing business continuity.

Suppose you have a positive business case design for a migration to the cloud. You have determined which clouds can offer that advantage and set up a good exit strategy. How do you then get started with the cloud migration? Which applications should be transferred at all? And which one do you migrate first? And how do you ensure that your business processes experience as little disruption as possible? Moderator Danny Frietman will talk to Mark de Groot, CEO of BPSOLUTIONS, about this topic and how BPSOLUTIONS helps organizations in their cloud strategy.

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