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data analysis

working the data

Data insight

Our data scientists get to work with your data to create business insights. We analyze your data, visualize and can make a recurring report or dashboard for you. We can also help you with tooling to make your own analyzes and reports. Are you curious about the value of your dataset? Then we offer you the Dataset scan.

Data set scan

  • What is the value of my data?
  • Which insights bring added value for my customers and organization?

With this quick content scan we give you a picture of the value of your data set. We provide visual feedback to you and make recommendations in the field of data quality, data quantity and possibilities for analytics, data science.

Details - Dataset scan

Data Analyse - Rapport

  • Assessment of data quality and data quantity
  • Analysis: insight into your data set and patterns
  • Questions, discussion and joint interpretation

Data Analyse - Presentatie

  • Graphic representation of insights and patterns
  • Presentation of the results
  • Outcomes bundled in a document

Data Analyse - Aanbevelingen

  • Next steps for data quality and data quantity
  • Next steps for visualization
  • Recommendations for more analytics