Make it future proof

make it future proof

working the data


data analytics

The analysis of Mission Critical data streams, the correlation of data and the recognition of patterns helps organizations make better and faster decisions. Our Data Science Team advices on data analytics topics and is specialized in filtering and visualizing valuable insights. We help our clients become smarter, accelerate innovation and increase value to their business / operations using smart data analytics, AI, Machine and Deep Learning.

artificial intelligence

With the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the BPSOLUTIONS data science team can create models that can predict future developments. AI is a means to increase profit, enhance the customer journey, provide better services, decrease risk and create new opportunities. If used properly and with the involvement of the right data science team you can ensure AI will become a strategic tool to achieve your organizations objectives.

Data consultancy

  • How do I get the value from my data?
  • How do I support my strategy with data analytics?
  • How do I make a smooth start with using my data?

During a series of interviews and / or workshop, we look together at your wishes and developments in your sector in the field of artificial intelligence. Our consultants are specialized in discovering the right approach for your priorities and your organization. We help you with a customized route.

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Data analysis

  • What value resides in my data?
  • How do I create the insights I need?

Our data scientists are trained to extract insights from your data, to visualize them and possibly to work them out for a report or dashboard. We are also ready for you if you need a quick substantive scan.

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Data and artificial intelligence

  • What patterns are hidden in my data?
  • Which data-driven predictions help my client or organization?

Our data scientists will work with artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies on your issue. Your data is extracted, analyzed and modeled to derive the predictions you need. We can offer the results in various forms such as on an app or a dashboard.

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Data platforms & tooling

  • How to unlock my data to create value?
  • Is my IT landscape data analytics ready?
  • Which solution best suits my requirements and current architecture?

BPSOLUTIONS is a multidisciplinary organization. Our specialists in the field of data architecture, data science, software, hardware, and security are available to your disposal to work out a solution for you.

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IBM Cloud Pak for Data

IBM Cloud Pak for Data (formerly IBM Cloud Private for Data) is a new kind of data and analytics platform with built-in governance. It simplifies and unifies how you collect, organize and analyze data to accelerate the value of data science and AI. This multicloud platform delivers a broad range of core data microservices, with the option to add more from a growing services catalog. Experience greater flexibility, security and control, and the benefits of the cloud without having to move your data.

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Your organization is facing the choice, or has already made it, to switch to SAP HANA. But what is the best solution and how it can be designed? Different aspects lead to the correct answer.

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