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BPSolutions & SAP HANA

BPSOLUTIONS can completely relieve you with customized advice based on the full business implication of SAP HANA Solutions and Managed Services. Requets a call with a consultant for more information.

Really real-time entrepreneurship with the SAP HANA platform

Your organization is facing the choice, or has already made it, to switch to SAP HANA. But what is the best solution and how it can be designed? Different aspects lead to the right answer in your situation.

More information on SAP HANA

SAP HANA (High Performance ANalytic Appliance) is SAP’s strategic real-time data platform for existing and all new versions of SAP applications. HANA offers all the benefits of a fast, modern, in-memory database for integrated and real-time transactional or analytical solutions. In addition to the introduction of the HANA platform, various new SAP applications (such as S4 and BW for HANA) are available. SAP has announced that any future product on HANA will only run with simplified applications to enable business innovation. It should be borne in mind that support for the non-HANA database for SAP will be stopped in 2025. However, the introduction does require a suitable infrastructure that supports all the new possibilities of that platform.

Areas of application for real-time business

There are roughly two areas of application:

  • SAP HANA Business Intelligence is a flexible, data source independent, scalable application that makes it possible to easily analyze large amounts of data in real time.
  • SAP HANA Business Suite provides a database application with an excellent performance, based on the exact same technology. The total solution (including certification) of the application consists of a combination of hardware and software. A multi-node structure with standard building blocks forms the basis of the solution, so that scalability and availability can easily be achieved while retaining any previous investments.

Platform solutions and 24/7 Managed Services

The introduction of HANA offers more than important benefits, provided you have an infrastructure that is not limited in how it can be used. The use of HANA requires a fundamental review of the infrastructure, especially when it comes to the server itself. To remove the consequences for the performance of permanent storage, the entire database remains in memory. HANA therefore requires a much higher amount of memory and (from a performance perspective) a derived processor capacity. That is why SAP has published a list of certified and supported HANA configurations. To determine a well-measured solution, there are a few specific characteristics.

BPSolutions helps you with the realization and management of your own SAP HANA environment. You can visit the following infrastructure solutions, among others:

That’s why you choose BPSOLUTIONS

BPSOLUTIONS is a service partner for SAP Database and Technology solutions, Platinum Business Partner of IBM and Lenovo  and Silver Partner of HP Enterprise. Since the establishment of BPSOLUTIONS, many customers have relied on the technical solutions for SAP ERP, CRM, BW and BWA that BPSOLUTIONS designs, supplies and supports. The BPSolutions team is one of the most successful implementation teams for HANA infrastructures.

Cloud Managed Services from BPSOLUTIONS

By running SAP HANA for real-time analytics and applications in a cloud, companies accelerate time-to-value and reduce hardware costs and complexity. It is of great importance which cloud provider they choose. For the rollout, BPSOLUTIONS has bundled all its best practices over the past years into its SAP HANA Private Cloud. The highest performance based on 24/7 availability.

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