IBM Cloud Pak for Data

IBM Cloud Pak for Data

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Make your data ready for an AI and multicloud world

Accelerate your journey to AI to transform how your business operates with an open, extensible platform that runs on any cloud. The benefits of AI increase almost daily.

80% of business leaders view Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a strategic priority, but only 19% of the execs strongly believe their teams understand the data required for AI.

Challenges in Data & AI projects

Disruption from artificial intelligence (AI) is here, but many company leaders aren’t sure what to expect from AI or how it fits into their business model. Yet with change coming at breakneck speed, the time to identify your company’s AI strategy is now. The top identified AI challenges are (i) a lack of skilled resources, (ii) accessing and preparing data, and (iii) limited budget.

While many organizations have experimented with AI proofs of concept, there are still major blockers to operationalizing its development. IT leaders must strive to move beyond the POC to ensure that more projects get to production and that they do so at scale to deliver business value.

Data management

Data management is capable of helping with all of these challenges, particularly where data ingestion and preparation is concerned—a stage of the AI process considered to be the most demanding in relation to their underlying infrastructure. Data management solutions should be infused with AI and part of a robust data management environment.

The right data management environment is crucial. By choosing an environment with AI built in instead of stand-alone AI solutions, you can control management in a single system. Environments with integration and data virtualization capabilities also enable data to be queried where it resides, reducing the need for costly and time-consuming data movement.

IBM Cloud Pak for Data: succeeding with Data & AI

IBM Cloud Private for Data - BPSolutionsIBM Cloud Pak for Data (formerly IBM Cloud Private for Data) is a new kind of data and analytics platform with built-in governance. It simplifies and unifies how you collect, organize and analyze data to accelerate the value of data science and AI. This multicloud platform delivers a broad range of core data microservices, with the option to add more from a growing services catalog. Experience greater flexibility, security and control, and the benefits of the cloud without having to move your data.

Built-in data governance

Efficiently respond to changing regulations with embedded, sophisticated governance capabilities; these include automated discovery and classification of data, masking of sensitive data, data zones and data lifecycle management.

Industry-leading data virtualization

Query data easily and more securely across multiple sources, on cloud or on premises. Exploit the combined processing power of those sources for massive query acceleration and achieve the speed and scalability your business needs for today’s and tomorrow’s workloads.

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Manage end-to-end data workflows to help ensure that data is easily accessible for AI. Make sure that your data is high-quality to deliver accurate, automated insights and decisions. Seamlessly build and manage machine learning models across development and production in a collaborative environment.

Cloud-native agility

Accelerate application development and deployment with a multicloud data platform that is agile, resilient and portable. Benefit from Kubernetes containerization to provision and scale services in minutes, instead of months, inside a more secure, governed environment.

Extensible APIs and ecosystem

Use best practices to your advantage to accelerate implementations and deliver significant business value. With IBM Cloud Pak for Data, benefit from built-in models and accelerators for various industries including finance, insurance, healthcare, energy, utilities and more.

Industry Accelerators

Benefit from a broad ecosystem of complementary hardware, software and services through a growing service catalog. Provision preferred data services flexibly and rapidly and customize data workflows to your individual needs.

Continuous intelligence

Develop real-time streaming applications and deliver continuous intelligence across your business. With IBM Streams on IBM Cloud Pak for Data, you can enable continuous and rapid analysis of massive volumes of data in motion or at rest. This can help you gain business insights faster and make more informed decisions.

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Hyper-converged system

Simplify deployment and management with a hyper-converged system delivering the IBM Cloud Pak for Data platform in a pre-built private cloud.

Private cloud

Make use of Kubernetes architecture and microservice design for maximum flexibility while keeping data secure behind the firewall.

Public cloud

IBM Cloud Pak for Data runs on Amazon Web Services, Azure, Google and more, so you can bring your new Data and AI platform to your cloud partner of choice.


For customers with on-premises data centers, install IBM Cloud Pak for Data and see what the new cloud data platform can do for you.

Simplify and automate how your organization turns data into insights within a unified — all in one — design.

  • Collect – make data simple and accessible
  • Organize – create a business-ready analytics foundation
  • Analyze – build and scale AI with trust & transparency
  • Infuse – operationalize AI throughout the business
  • Customize to your unique data landscape with an open and endlessly extensible architecture that runs on Red Hat
  • OpenShift Container Platform, on any cloud.

Container Based Cloud Solution

Deploy a complete data and AI private cloud with all the necessary infrastructure and software components in a matter of hours. Natively built on Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, Cloud Pak for Data System provides optimized hardware to increase container performance, while also accelerating time to value of your data workloads.

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