Data consultancy

data consultancy

working the data

Tailor made approach

Our experienced management consultants help you discover the value of your data and future possibilities for analytics and AI. For this, we developed two paths with different perspectives. The first is the Data Discovery Workshop, in which we help you find an approach that fully supports your strategy. We also have a Data & Sources Scan in which we give you practical advice for a quick start, so you can get more out of your data. As a result, we deliver, at the end of both tracks, a tailor-made data approach.

Data discovery workshop

  • What is data science?
  • What are the promising areas in my business field or industry?
  • How do they fit within my strategy?

Our consultants provide you with an approach that fully supports your strategy. During several interviews and a workshop, we guide you into the world of data science. Together we examine which developments in your business field are relevant for your organization and your objectives. Finally, we make a data roadmap with the key steps for your strategy.

Data & sources scan

  • Which data sources do we use in our organization?
  • What data do we have available?
  • What is the potential of our data?
  • How do I redeem this potential?

During a Data & Sources Scan, our data specialists conduct a series of interviews within your organization. We map the landscape of data sources, and we investigate the availability of data for analytics, and the current output (like reports, lists, files). You express your priorities, wishes, and obstacles. We support you with insights in your possibilities for data science (analysis, modelling, visualization) and tooling. Finally, we provide recommendations for the next steps.

Details - Data discovery workshop

Introductie Data Science

Introduction Data Science
  • What is data science?
  • How does it work?

Kansrijke gebieden data science

Promising areas
  • What are (current) trends?
  • What fits with your objectives?
  • What is the potential impact?

Roadmap Data Science

  • What steps are crucial?

Details - Data & sources scan

Data sources overview
  • Data sources landscape
  • Data sources and organization

Data overview
  • Data disclosure and availability
  • Reports, lists and files
  • Data and organization

  • Options for analytics and visualization