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24x7 Managed Services & Cloud Infrastructure Solutions

E-book: Keep it up and running with Managed Services

Specialist knowledge to monitor, manage and maintain the IT landscape is insufficiently available in many organizations. Many therefore consider managed services, so the infrastructure is always up and running.

E-book: How to use outsourcing as the engine of your business

To outsource your IT or not? Many organizations will sooner or later be faced with that question. When IT talent becomes scarcer, budgets for IT and innovation are under pressure, keeping “mission critical IT” up and running is quite a challenge.

E-book: the 5 most important trends in data storage solutions

It is important to be aware of current trends as a company. Evaluate how this can serve the current and long-term strategy. In this e-book we provide an overview of the five data storage trends.

E-book: How Flash is the new superior standard in data storage

The growing flow of data is bringing plenty of movement to the storage market. Storage is expensive, complex to manage, unreliable and often too slow. A superior form of data storage is conquering the storage market: All Flash Storage. [Dutch]


White paper: SAP HANA implementation worry-free

There is a lot to consider with a SAP HANA implementation. What is the best solution? How can it be designed? In this white paper you will learn which aspects you should consider when making the right choices for your organization.

White paper SAP HANA

E-book: Why now is the right time to transfer to SAP HANA

In 2027, SAP will pull the plug on support for the ECC6/Business Suite and traditional databases. From then on they will only focus their attention on HANA: the new, ultra-fast in-memory database. In this e-book we explain the why.

Business Case - Rabobank - SAP HANA

Business Case: Rabobank now future-proof

Rabobank processes large amounts of data on a daily basis and therefore needs speed. The choice fell on the SAP HANA data platform at an early stage. The expertise of BPSOLUTIONS was called upon for its renewal.

Data & AI

E-book: How to start with data and AI in your organization?

More and more organizations discover the value of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Are you curious how to get data and AI work for you, but do you not know exactly where to start? Download our e-book to learn more.