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Private cloud

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Private cloud

If you set up a dedicated cloud infrastructure for your enterprise, you are using a private cloud. It’s a private cloud whether you manage it yourself or hire a third-party service, and whether you host it in your data center or off-premises.

Some advantages of private cloud are:
●   Security: Your data and applications are placed behind your own firewalls and can only be accessed by your enterprise—making private clouds better suited for processing or storing sensitive data.
●   Ability to move non-sensitive data to a public cloud to accommodate sudden bursts of demand on your private cloud.
●   Lower total cost of ownership through lower OpEx over time.
●   More control and customization. Fit your servers to your enterprise’s preferences.

Some disadvantages are:
●    Higher costs. Increased initial charges and the need to repay costs of the equipment you purchase.
●    For operating and maintaining your own data center, IT hardware, and enterprise software—as well as your own security and compliance.
●    Less flexibility. In scaling IT resources up or down as your needs change.

BPSOLUTIONS offers private cloud infrastructure solutions tailored to fit your needs and requirements. In addition, we offer on premises private cloud services which include monitoring and management services, as well as IaaS offerings.