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IBM Power Systems

For decades IBM Power Systems are part of the digital core of the world. IBM Power9 servers, built with open technologies and designed for mission-critical applications, are in the DNA of BPSOLUTIONS. We keep them running and we make Power based environments future proof. The digital era demands smart IT solutions designed for big data that are optimized, secure, and can adapt to changing workload requirements. When data-intensive workloads are the bottom line, the hardware you buy now, should meet today’s expectations and prepare you for the future.


No. 1 in reliability

IBM Power Systems are ranked No. 1 in every major reliability category by ITIC*, IBM Power Systems deliver reliable on-premises infrastructure 24/7. They form the basis of our BPSOLUTIONS PowerCloud services in which we achieve 100% uptime over many years of operations, and which are valued by our clients with a leading NPS of 87.

Leading value and performance

Power Systems deliver both performance and price-performance advantages with superior core performance and memory bandwidth.

Most highly accredited team

Our team of technical experts and principal consultants design, implement and manage some of the largest Power Systems environments in the world. We build and maintain IBM Power Systems environments running IBM AIX, Red Hat & SUSE Enterprise Linux and IBM i and our team is the most highly accredited Power Systems team in Europe.


POWER servers can meet all the needs of your SAP HANA environment with built-in virtualization and capacity on demand. You can scale without needing a new server. SAP HANA certified servers include the: H922, H924, E950, E980.

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SUSE Enterprise Linux

Over 98% of SAP HANA clients run SUSE Enterprise Linux. BPSOLUTIONS is Focus Partner for SUSE in the Benelux. Linux servers for big data workloads: Built to crush the demands of big data and analytics workloads, IBM Power Systems with native, Linux deliver superior compute and scaling with up to 44 cores, 2x throughput vs x86, and up to 120 terabytes of data storage.


Traditionally the IBM Power Systems platform with AIX and Linux is one of the most appreciated, highest reliable and performing platforms for Oracle database and applications. IBM i is the platform of choice for many JDEdwards clients.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Big Data

The IBM POWER chips provide breakthrough AI performance. If you are hitting the wall with AI? Help determine whether your server infrastructure is ready to meet the intense processing demands of AI. Build an intelligent infrastructure for modern analytics, HPC and artificial intelligence (AI). Achieve 46x faster machine learning performance on the most advanced accelerated computing servers and Google Cloud.


Simplified multi cloud

Rethink how data, applications and services move across a hybrid cloud environment. With IBM POWER10 based Power Systems, you can dynamically scale compute and memory on demand and build a cloud designed for the most data intensive workloads.


Legacy power systems

Even though Power provides superior performance and reliability, BPSOLUTIONS recognizes that legacy Power Systems running “older” releases of AIX, IBM i and Linux provide sufficient performance for legacy applications. In some occasions your application or database solution limits you in the OS levels you can use. To be able to provide the right service and support to clients running older systems and os versions BPSOLUTIONS has created the Legacy Cloud. For many midsize and large organizations, we host and manage these systems. We have the skills, staff and expertise to guarantee sure we keep it up and running!