High Performance Computing (HPC)

high performance computing (hpc)

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High Performance Computing (HPC) applications

High-performance computing is the use of parallel processing for the efficient, reliable and fast execution of advanced application programs. HPC is an approach to cluster computing power to achieve a much higher performance to address complex problems in research, engineering or business.

BPSOLUTIONS has in-depth experience with implementing complex HPC clusters in various industries:

  • Scientific Research
  • Retail & Wholesale
  • Engineering & Manufacturing
  • Financial Services
  • Hostpitals

HPC is used for, for example, increasing the frequency and speed of complex calculations or shortening the turnaround time of complex queries. BPSOLUTIONS provides HPC solutions for scientific and commercial applications

High Performance Computing  oplossingen

Performance in the form of speed and capacity matters. The need for high performance computing (HPC) capacity is growing rapidly. Data-driven environments such as bioinformatics, machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI) and genomics need the capacity to process large amounts of data and transactions. HPC infrastructures are designed to meet these challenges with the performance that users need in data-driven research environments.

HPC infrastructure consist of Compute capacity, fast data storage and high-performance interconnection between the cluster nodes.

HPC Servers

With the OpenPOWER initiative, IBM provides Linux-based HPC nodes with a unique direct link between CPU and GPU. Power Systems are configured from stand-alone node to highly scalable Linux clusters. These clusters offer the enormous performance required for demanding HPC workloads such as genomics, prototyping, finance, computational chemistry, oil and gas extraction and high-performance data analytics.

Intel workload-ready solutions (for example Lenovo, HPE) offer a flexible and scalable compute infrastructure for data-intensive workloads. These solutions are equipped with the latest Intel processor technology to achieve the best performance. This architecture is used to build HPC solutions that can be deployed quickly using basic components and standard software. A wide range of software solutions for HPC are supported here based on Linux.

HPC Storage

HPC applications use the speed of the compute nodes. Of course, this also means being able to access the large amounts of data at high speed. This requires specific storage solutions that can handle this data size with sufficient speed and scalability. Because the speed of storage solutions is often a lot lower than the compute capacity, this has a direct influence on the performance of an HPC solution.

Typical features of an HPC storage solution are the capacity to handle large amounts of data in parallel with a high constant speed. In addition, the solution must be able to grow with the expansion of the HPC compute cluster.

In addition to high-speed hardware such as flash solutions, we use parallel filesystems for the required high-speed scalability and flexibility of the storage. This also provides a basis for additional functionality in the context of continuity through replication techniques and multiple writing of data blocks.

High Speed Interconnect

Network connections between HPC nodes and the connection to the HPC storage must of course deliver a high speed. This also determines the maximum performance that an HPC cluster can deliver. That is why high-speed interconnections such as 10 / 100Gb Ethernet or an Infiniband topology are used in this type of environment. We use solutions from Mellanox, Qlogic and Intel for this.

  HPC Software

There are various options for building an HPC cluster. BPSolutions supports multiple HPC cluster software solutions and specializes in IBM Spectrum Computing (formerly: IBM Platform Computing).


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BPSOLUTIONS has an extensive track record in the field of HPC implementations and strategic partnerships with the most important suppliers in the HPC world:





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