IT infrastructure solutions

it infrastructure solutions

managing the hybrid cloud

Cloud Platform solutions

Smart Server, storage, and software solutions purpose-built to run your mission critical IT, highly virtualize your computer environments and provide lowest latency to your core business applications and protect your data.

Server solutions

In the diverse marketplace of x86 processor-based servers, it can be difficult to find the right server platform, solution or vendor that best fits your requirements for today and the future. Servers form the heart of your IT infrastructure, so it is crucial to make the optimal choice for your organization.

BPSOLUTIONS is an independent expert on x86 server solutions with almost twenty years of experience in design, delivery, implementation and management of complex enterprise infrastructure environments. We serve some of the largest server environments in Europe and provide extensive support on the digital core of those organizations. The right advice, optimal pricing and secure migration to a new server infrastructure drives your business forward with a server that matches your needs. We can reduce cost and complexity, improve performance and availability by highly virtualizing your server environment using VMware, Hyper-V and Linux virtualization software.

We only work with the best vendors in the marketplace and guarantee the proper design and performance in your specific environment, based on your needs and requirements. BPSOLUTIONS is one of the largest Platinum Partners for Lenovo, Silver Partner for HPE.

Data storage solutions

There’s no arguing that data is one of the hottest topics in business today. In discussions that range from understanding performance to predicting future outcomes, data is at the core. Without it, you are limited to making decisions based on instinct or gut feel. Occasionally, that might work out, but why take that risk when data can enable you to make important decisions confidently?

That said, it is clear the importance and value of data is increasing vastly while data volumes are roof topping. Managing these oceans of data has become a big burden for many organizations and the inability to serve data adequately to the business is holding organizations from getting the highest value from data. Many IT operation teams struggle with their data storage environments. They lack the required speed to provide fast insights to the business, and do not offer the availability your organization requires to provide always on and always right functionalities.

To be able to serve the business data at the required speed at any time and from any location, we need to change how we build data architectures. Today’s data architectures need to be data driven; data centric. This means we need to be able to serve any type of data, be it block, file, object at the highest speed, lowest latency to the business with high elasticity and ultimate flexibility. With these requirements in mind, modern data architectures need to be data driven and Hybrid Multicloud enabled from the core.


Simple & Scalable. You need new ways to accelerate decision making and gain insights into key trends locked in your data. With Lenovo solutions for SAP® HANA® and SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse, your organization will be able to optimize your SAP deployments.

Enables large memory configurations up to 24TB with the Scalable Solution for SAP HANA. Provides the choice of a preconfigured solution or a custom Tailored Datacenter Integration (TDI) solution. Protects data with integrated high-availability and synchronous disaster-recovery capabilities. Runs with VMware® or Nutanix® virtualization technology for optimizing deployment and management of the server application environment.

BPSOLUTIONS is the preferred partner for Lenovo in SAP HANA environments and we offer services to Lenovo clients and partners throughout Europe.