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Why now is the time for hybrid cloud

At a basic level, a Hybrid Cloud architecture combines a mix of public and private cloud and on-premises infrastructure, with some level of communication and orchestration between these elements.

A Hybrid Cloud is also considered a multi-cloud if it contains clouds from multiple cloud providers, such as Microsoft Azure’s public cloud, Amazon Web Services (AWS), IBM Cloud, or an internal or external private cloud such as those provided by BPSOLUTIONS. Whether it’s hybrid, multicloud or both, organizations have put together their specific ‘Cloud Mix’ in a way that aligns with the concrete priorities, demands and wishes of the moment and they don’t want to be forced to change it.

How can an organization pursue a Hybrid Cloud strategy – and maintain their freedom of choice – without increasing the complexity and inflexibility of their IT infrastructure? It is obviously important to implement an Open, Secure, Hybrid Cloud strategy that unites the cloud environments and bridges the gap to the ideal ‘Cloud Mix’ of tomorrow

By expanding your internal IT infrastructure or private cloud to external cloud resources, your IT environment will become hybrid. BPSOLUTIONS provides both highly virtualized and optimized private cloud IT infrastructure solutions on premises or from our BPSOLUTIONS cloud centers, public cloud resources from AWS, Azure and IBM Cloud. BPSOLUTIONS can provide the orchestration functionality between the internal and external cloud resources. By allowing workloads to move between private and public clouds as computing needs and costs change, hybrid cloud gives businesses greater flexibility and more data deployment options.

Cloud Experience
It is an approach aimed at unifying the user experience while maximizing both the benefits of private cloud and public cloud and removing complexity and risk. After all, users want a modern cloud experience with carefree and scalable speed and flexibility, while the reality of the internal (on premises) private data center offers security and where the gravity of data is present, which serves as a source for applications and services and easily and quickly accessible.

In addition, in recent years there has been a clear drive to move to Public Cloud, while this has only resulted in a transfer of 30-40% of the applications and data. Why? Because these were the easily movable data and applications, a large part that was left behind is difficult to move to the public cloud or for which the advantages are limited or the disadvantages too great.

BPSOLUTIONS designs, delivers, builds and manages internal IT infrastructure / private cloud solutions, public cloud

solutions and hybrid multi cloud infrastructures. Our Cloud Strategy & Design Architects and Principal Consults can advice on your road to the cloud strategy and serve you with cloud and IT infrastructure blueprints, cloud migration services and application modernization studies.