BPSOLUTIONS Automatic Recovery Tester

BPSOLUTIONS Automatic Recovery Tester

Let’s BART your backup!


Can your backups be restored successfully?

When it comes to your last line of defense, your backup is needs to be restorable. However due to limited time and missing automated testing functionality, testing the restoring backups is often skipped. But are you confident that in case of a disaster -or maybe a ransomware attack- that you can successfully restore your backups?

While some backup solutions offer some matter of automated backup testing others do not leaving administrators with the tedious task of doing manual backup testing, logging, and reporting the results.

According to Datacore, only 50% of IT personnel are confident they can restore the backup data within the given SLA.
32% of IT system administrators do not test their backup systems on a regular basis.


Most built-in backup tests are limited to in-backup tests that do not actually restore data but instead temporarily boot a virtual machine from the backup storage. While better than no testing these tests give no real-world insight into the actual real-world restore duration since actual restores write the virtual machine back to the production environment.

Another limitation of these built-in testing methods is that they are seen from a backup-inventory-perspective as opposed to an IT-environment-perspective. In other words, let’s test what we have in our backup and not what we have in our actual IT-environment.

These limitations and their limited flexibility exist because built-in testing solutions are not built from the ground-up but are added as something of an afterthought.

BART automates your backup & recovery tests

BART automates restore testing. So no more manual, time-consuming activities to make sure all backups are restorable in case of a disaster. BART ensures you can sleep at night and not have to worry whether you can successfully recovery from your backup.

BART includes the follow functions and features:

  • BART finds virtual machines missing from the backup
  • BART detects issues with restore performance on virtual machines
  • BARTS reports and stores the results in such a way that it is easy to find via its build-in search capabilities.
  • BART can select virtual machines to test from static lists, the actual source or a combination of both.
  • Test your production machines each week and the rest of the environment each month, you are in control of what and when you test with BART.
  • The results are actual restores that reflect real-world restore duration and network-isolated bootability of the virtual machine that is being tested by BART.

Why choose BART from BPSOLUTIONS?

BPSOLUTIONS Automatic Restore Tester (BART) offers real-world insight into your actual restore capabilities and validated them against the SLA’s you need to meet.

  • What BART can tell you about your backup environment:
      • Are all the VM’s in the backup?
      • Can the backup be restored and then booted?
      • Can the restore be completed within the SLA?


  • BART can support:
      • Internal audits
      • ISO audits (for example 27001)
      • Check restore performance over long periods of time


  • BART helps prevent:
      • Failed restores when they are required
      • Manual testing, checking and reporting of results


  • BART gives you control over the testing and reporting and supports the following backup environments:
      • IBM’s Spectrum Protect for Virtual Environments
      • Veeam backup and replication and works with all valid Veeam licenses.
      • Rubrik

More information?

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