Cloud Data Protection

Cloud Data Protection

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Backup & Recovery and Cloud Data Protection as a Service

Data is one of the core assets of your business, and needs to be protected over multiple clouds. Through our Backup & Recovery and Cloud Data Protection as a Service, BPSOLUTIONS makes sure your data is always up and running and protected. Whether data is stored internally, in the public cloud or at a local cloud service provider. BPSOLUTIONS takes over your backup and recovery process and ensures your backup success rate is improved. Find out more about our Managed Services below.

Radically improved and simplified backup and recovery

BPSOLUTIONS ensures your backup success rate is improved well above 98%. Additionally, we guarantee the success of restoring with 100%. This means you can actually guarantee data protection to your business, while unburdening your internal IT staff at the same time.

Our Mission Critical IT teams will protect all your data, whether it resides in your internal datacenters, in the public cloud or at a local cloud service provider. We simplify backup and recovery across hybrid cloud environments. We eliminate legacy complexity by consolidating disparate hardware and software components into a single solution. Our services are designed to be vendor-agnostic. We deliver broad support across traditional, modern and next-gen applications.

At your service and ready to protect!

With our Managed Services for Backup and Recovery we will:

  • Protect any workload;
  • From any infrastructure;
  • Automate recovery plans;
  • Provide instant recovery readiness.

Our modern data protection engine is ready to use and:

  • Provides APIs for connecting platforms;
  • Is Multi-cloud from the core and enabled;
  • Provides native data access for DevOps;
  • Governs data utilization;
  • Leverages data for business value.

Data portability and cloud migration

Do you want to migrate workloads to the cloud? Are you adopting a hybrid cloud setup for your IT infrastructure, and are you curious about the value of a public cloud? BPSOLUTIONS Multi Cloud Data Protection services offers the ability to backup and recover data anywhere. Move, manage and use data across your diverse cloud and on-premises environments: everything from one platform. Streamline your workflow with the control and flexibility to meet changing business requirements.

Operate hybrid seamlessly – On-premise, in the cloud, and at the edge: we’ll protect you everywhere. We’ll backup and recover your data with tools and services designed for the hybrid cloud.

Office 365 protection – Protect critical Office 365 data. Backup and restore to cloud or on-premises storage to meet your data compliance requirements. Use enhanced search capabilities to include Office 365 assets in your comprehensive data environment.

Instantly Recover Anywhere – With one policy engine, we setup both backup and replication schedules. We extend RPOs to the rest of your data centers and achieve near-zero RTOs.

Smart Analytics & Reporting – We deliver platform analytics across your hybrid cloud on data management, compliance, and capacity utilization. Create and share rich data visualizations to unlock

Multi cloud data protection services for all your apps and databases

From our multi cloud dashboard and monitoring solution BPSOLUTIONS can manage and protect all your workloads. Additionally, we ensure metering and billing is centralized. We make sure all your cloud environments are managed and protected from a single pane of glass. We support Google Cloud, Azure, AWS, IBM Cloud, Alibaba and all VMWare based local cloud providers. Our market leading tooling supports all major operating systems, databases and applications.

BPSOLUTIONS expands on SAP HANA adoption in the next years, which will be at the core of our service offerings. You can be assured that integration with HANA is standard and highly professionalized.

We can store your data anywhere. In your on-premise internal object, tape, file or flash storage, but also in Cloud Object Storage environments like AWS, IBM Cloud and Azure. Your data will be fully protected and secured through our modern backup and recovery tooling. These tools are included in the service, and our monitoring & management system according to your organization’s SLA. We keep you up and running, and will protect your data 24×7. Through BPSOLUTIONS’ Managed Services for Backup and Recovery and Cloud Data Protection, you no longer have to worry about your data protection.

Why choose Managed Services from BPSOLUTIONS?

BPSOLUTIONS is a highly skilled and experienced service provider. Since the founding of BPSOLUTIONS, many enterprise customers have relied on the technical solutions that BPSOLUTIONS designs, delivers and manages. The BPSOLUTIONS team is one of the most successful implementation and managed services teams for Mission Critical data & infrastructure solutions in Europe.

More information?

Do you want to know more about how Cloud Data Protection works, and how you can purchase it through BPSOLUTIONS? Feel free to contact us below.