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Download ons e-book en lees alles over hoe u voorkomt dat uw bedrijfskritieke applicaties niet beschikbaar zijn.

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24/7 Monitoring & Managed Services

With the 24/7 Monitoring & Managed Services of BPSOLUTIONS you can rely on a smoothly functioning mission critical IT environment. BPSOLUTIONS monitors and manages all elements proactively that are part of your critical business processes. We keep you IT up and running, 100%.

Unlocking information about the functioning of your IT application and infrastructure ensures that your organization can operate proactively. All information gathered ensures optimum capacity planning and management. With this you substantiate your investments. By actively monitoring all parts of your infrastructure and timely notification, we prevent business-critical applications from being unavailable or with limited availability, 24/7.

What is our uniqueness?

BPSOLUTIONS focusses on mission critical IT environments. Environments that needs to be 24/7 available, 100%. In order to deliver on that promise, our approach to managed services is differentiated:

  • 24/7 skilled support desk: we work with multi stack mission critical engineers in the first line of support.
  • Expert teams in combination with a best of breed network with back-to-back 24/7 service levels.
  • Rigid and certified processes to support all our managed operations activities.
  • Unique monitoring- and management system with years of development to proactively manage almost everything in the hybrid multi cloud world.

Modulair Managed Services

We offer our Managed Services in various degrees. This way you create the optimal sourcing mix for your organization.


With our basic monitoring managed service solution you receive current incident notifications and incident forecasts. You also get a better insight into performance and capacity used.

Technical Management

With Technical Management we monitor and manage your mission critical application and infrastructure environment proactively and keep firmware levels and patch levels of the environment in an optimal state.

Operational Management

Operational Management is our most complete monitoring and managed service solution. This service is a combination of Technical Management with the added daily support activities that are needed to make optimal use of your IT applications and infrastructure. BPSOLUTIONS ensures optimum alignment with the requirement of your organization.


With outsourcing you immediately get the benefits with outsourcing your IT, such as reliability, availability, security, innovation, costs and with all the knowledge and skills in one service. Whether this is entirely based on cloud services or traditional solutions. We are happy to work out your business case with you and if IT outsourcing is an added value for your situation.

How do you benefit from our 24/7 Managed Services?

  • Make your IT applications and infrastructure predictable and transparent with the Cloud-based Monitoring (SAAS) solution from BPSOLUTIONS.
  • Avoid disruptions and complex performance problems. Easily create where the business expects something from your infrastructure.
  • Detailed measurement values ​​provide insight into current and future capacity requirements. This way you prevent unwanted ad-hoc investments.

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More information?

Would you like more information about how we can keep your mission critical IT up and running, guaranteed? Then please contact us. We are happy to help you.