Keep it up and running

keep it up and running

managing the cloud

hybrid multi cloud

Tackling modern technology is not as simple as “throw out the old and bring in the new.” You have to integrate the old and the new to be able to continue to build business value. That means adopting a hybrid multicloud is the right approach. Existing internal IT infrastructures are modernized and transformed into private cloud, while external and public cloud resources are used for applicable workloads, flexible scaling and resilience. This delivers the most value to your organization, but it also requires being cognizant of the challenges and making plans to overcome them for your business. BPSOLUTIONS provides your roadmap to the cloud. We can keep your existing IT up and running, modernize it and manage parts or the whole of it. In addition, we can connect our BPSOLUTIONS cloud environment and/or mayor public cloud providers.
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24/7 managed services

To be able to support organizations in their road to the Hybrid Multicloud BPSOLUTIONS provides enterprise class, end to end 24/7 monitoring and managed services over hybrid multicloud environments. We monitor and manage existing IT infrastructure environments which can reside on premises and/or external datacenters, BPSOLUTIONS cloud infrastructures and/or public clouds. Our 24/7 operations center, existing of highly skilled and experienced ‘client teams’, supports enterprise clients throughout Europe. We provide 100% guarantee in business continuity underpinned by solid service level agreements, enterprise class software tooling, ISO9001, ISO27001 and NEN7510 certifications, and continuous improvement methodology. Our services are rewarded by our clients with an astonishing NPS score of 87.
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