IBM Software License & Audit Support Services

Learn how IBM Software License & Audit Support Services
can minimize your compliancy risk and costs.

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Minimize your IBM Software Licenses costs

A growing part of the IT budget is spent on software licenses and support. BPSOLUTIONS helps you to choose the right models which are the most cost-efficient.

  • Your IT infrastructure and Cloud landscape is currently changing, are you still compliant?
  • License models change continuously, are you using the most cost-efficient license models?
  • Do you se all functionality that you have licensed?

IBM Software License support

The IBM software portfolio is very diverse and has a multitude of available license models. These models can be purchased in various ways (including as a term, perpetual or monthly license/subscription) and has its own pros and cons.

BPSOLUTIONS helps clients with:

  • Acquiring the right new IBM software licenses and optimizing current ones.
  • Education on terms and tools: IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT)
  • Explanation of licensing models
  • Prepare business case for license optimization
  • GAP Analysis licenses vs. utilization

IBM Software License Management Service

Managing your IBM Software licenses requires you to periodically check the status quo with IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT). ILMT helps you maintain an inventory of the PVU based software deployed for your Full Capacity or Virtualization (Sub-) Capacity environments, and measures the PVU licenses required by the software product. It is intended to help you manage your IBM software licensing requirements, and help you maintain an audit ready posture. Customers are responsible for supplying hardware and installation services required for installing the tool. However ILMT is not easy to install and manage.

BPSOLUTIONS supports organizations with Software Asset Management as a Service (SAMS):

  • Functional management of the IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT)
  • Advice in the field of license management and compliance through. periodic checks
  • Optimization of usage
  • Support in preparing business cases

How companies avoid risk when using ILMT?

Sub-capacity licensing makes sense for many companies that do not have to use the entire server performance for their software. You save costs and don’t spend a budget on unnecessary licenses or capacities. The hurdle that you have to overcome is the correct and contractual use of the IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT).

Organizations need to ensure that

  • the ILMT has been implemented properly.
  • the software is classified correctly.
  • the ILMT environment works, is up-to-date and technically connected.
  • the reports are created every three months.
  • all servers with IBM software are recorded.
  • the license manager works flawlessly.

If the effort is too high for you and you fear that you will have to pay back payments during the next audit due to incompliancy, you can get help in-house. BPSOLUTIONS’ experts know all the hurdles, pitfalls and potential problems. BPSOLUTIONS helped several companies to use the reporting tool in a compliant manner.

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