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Digital Transformation with Microsoft Azure in a nutshell

Digital transformation requires change in people, processes and technology. Organizations that operate digitally have a number of characteristics: they are able to move quickly and flexibly with demand, they are agile and can quickly adapt services.

Microsoft Azure is a subscription-based cloud computing platform that provides software, applications and infrastructure as a service. Rather than housing data on-site, Azure allows companies to store key business information on Microsoft’s secure cloud servers.

Compared to traditional infrastructure and application workflows, Azure delivers exceptional availability and functionality to its users. This is because most third-party hosting companies lack the authentication mechanisms, message queuing, traffic management and data synchronization tools companies need to maximize efficiency and security. Beyond its data storage capabilities, businesses can leverage Azure for a range of critical tasks, including analytics, virtual computing, networking and much more. Companies also benefit from lower in-house maintenance requirements, higher performance and reduced operating costs.

Benefits of migrating to Microsoft Azure
  1. Easy scalability
  2. Reduced infrastructure cost
  3. Best global data security standards
  4. High return on investment
  5. Reduced IT management and maintenance cost
  6. Pay as you use

Whether you want to migrate your entire business to the cloud or want to maintain an on-premise server for business-critical, sensitive applications or data, Microsoft Azure can accommodate your preference with its Hybrid Cloud model.

What services are available?

Considering Azure’s massive catalog of peripheral services, making the switch can seem overwhelming for those who are unfamiliar with cloud-based environments. To simplify the process, let’s take a closer look at four key areas of innovation: storage, computing, data management and app development.

Storage services
Backed by Microsoft data centers, Azure’s storage services eliminate the need for extensive on-site networks and hardware. Data can be stored securely in a variety of formats and can be accessed through custom software APIs. Businesses that need to retain their on-premises data storage, either due to convenience or compliance, can integrate Azure to create a hybrid cloud infrastructure.

Computing services
Azure makes deploying and managing Windows or Linux virtual machines simple without limiting users’ ability to access the data and applications they need. Azure Compute also supports background process automation and scheduling, which can streamline a wide array of labor-intensive management tasks. Additionally, the platform offers website hosting integrated with popular programming tools and development frameworks many businesses rely on.

Data Management
Azure’s data storage and management services are scalable and fully integrated with real-time analytics that help companies manage their information wisely. The platform offers text search based on NoSQL, SQL and Redis management tools, making it highly versatile for even the most complex analytics and app development environments. Users can work with industry-leading frameworks or popular open- sourced alternatives including Hadoop, Spark and Kubernetes.

Application Development
Creating web applications using Azure’s cloud- based platform offers exceptional customization and control over all aspects of the development process. Users can create personalized dashboards that fit their exact needs and enhance apps with data analytics. Azure makes it easy to develop and deploy simple .NET web apps and databases, while also enabling continuous delivery with GitHub to deliver updates more efficiently.

Understanding what a Microsoft Azure migration means

Making the switch to a public or hybrid cloud comes with a number of complexities that can be difficult to navigate. BPSOLUTIONS simplifies the migration process by meeting you where you are on the road to cloud integration. The BPSOLUTIONS Cloud Transition Program is tailored to your exact needs and is focused on adding tangible business value through Azure’s advanced storage, computing, data management and app development capabilities.

  1. Strategy & Assessment – discovery, mapping and evaluation of applications to ensure your cloud strategy supports business goals, data strategy and application development activities.
  2. Cloud Design & Planning – Develop a comprehensive foundation for the cloud migration and create a plan to migrate workloads over time
  3. Cloud Transition & Migration – rehost, refactor, rearchitect and rebuild on-prem applications to Azure Cloud
  4. Cloud Operations – protect data and applications with Azure’s Secure, data protection and monitoring options.
  5. Cloud Optimization - Once your journey to the cloud is complete, you’ll likely want to continue optimizing your data infrastructure, development workflows and application management capabilities.
How BPSOLUTIONS can help you

BPSOLUTIONS offers a range of specialized services that can help you streamline your deployment, maximize your Return On Investment (ROI) and utilize Azure cloud to the fullest.


If you would like us to challenge your cloud & data strategy, please contact us.

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