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How Storage as a Service changes how you organization consumes IT

How Storage as a Service changes how you organization consumes IT
Storage as a Service

Consumption-based IT delivery models make it possible for your organisation to benefit from cloud-like services in your data centers and other on-premises locations, with minimal upfront costs. As in cloud you pay for the services you consume rather than purchasing the hardware and software outright. With our consumption-based IT models, you pay a monthly subscription fee based on usage and level of service, with a minimum baseline that applies. In addition BPSOLUTIONS also offers value-added managed services such as advanced monitoring or AI-driven insights.

BPSOLUTIONS helps you accelerate your journey to the future of cloud and data flexibility with a high performance, as-a-service model that provides ease of mind and ‘always on’ capabilities.

With our storage as a service offerings we ensure a reserved capacity is available in the storage platform, that sits unused until you need it. In this way, you can more easily handle workloads that scale up and down, without having to invest in additional hardware that you only use during peak moments. We continuously monitor usage to ensure accurate billing; you can also use the collected data to plan capacity and tie budgets to specific workloads.

With BPSOLUTIONS storage as a service offerings we will provision, deliver and install the storage platform and provide support. As an add on we offer consumption-based packages that include ongoing system administration to offer an even greater cloud-like experience.

With our storage as a service offerings you simplify IT and deliver greater flexibility than traditional approaches. In addition we will help you increase you agility by aligning infrastructure more closely with the dynamic nature of today's workloads. In this way, you will be more responsive to changing market conditions and customer requirements. At the same time, your IT staff can focus on higher priority initiatives and more innovative efforts. Taken together, these changes will provide you with a competitive edge.

Key benefits

Customers that have embraced our consumption-based storage as a service model, because it can address the challenges of traditional on-premises systems and public cloud services. Among the benefits are the following:

  • Consumption-based IT services are delivered through an Opex model with a predictable rate structure, which reduces or eliminates upfront capital costs.
  • Metering capabilities provide visibility into resource usage, which makes it easier to budget resource allocation and tie resources to specific workloads.
  • Reserved capacity to provide easy scale-up capabilities, which results in greater flexibility and reduces the need to predict future workload requirements.
  • Through our add on managed services our storage as a service platforms can help simplify IT and make it easier to plan, procure, deploy, maintain, monitor, upgrade and retire infrastructure.
  • You have more control over your systems and data than with other (public) cloud services, which can be an important consideration with security and compliance requirements.
  • Pay-for-use services will help you minimize risks and will lead to cost savings by reducing the need to overprovision resources or support unused resources. We also provide the flexibility to scale and refresh hardware as necessary to benefit from new technologies and functionalities.

The all flash advantage – we turn Bottlenecks into Accelerators

With our All Flash storage as a service offerings BPSOLUTIONS offers innovative, cloud-ready services with best user experience to transform data into powerful outcomes.

Where traditional storage environments often perform as a Bottleneck, our storage services will accelerate your on prem IT, applications and business processes with 50% or more.

85% faster database queries, or 100% faster order picking, reporting, transaction handling with predictable operations for now and in the future.

With data gravity growing exponentially, resulting in an exponential challenge. BPSOLUTIONS all flash storage as a service offerings provide consistent performance, eliminate bottlenecks, and increase productivity with cloud-like as a service consumption models.

If you would like us to challenge your cloud & data strategy, please contact us.

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