BusinessAthletes & BPSOLUTIONS to the next round IBM Watson Build Challenge

BusinessAthletes & BPSOLUTIONS to the next round IBM Watson Build Challenge

Diederik van Braam van Vloten (left) and Mark de Groot (right)

AMSTERDAM/DRIEBERGEN – BusinessAthletes and BPSOLUTIONS are moving on to the second round of the global IBM Watson Build Challenge 2018 with the ‘Market Driver Analyzer’ – an Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution for Business Strategy applications.


In the IBM Watson Build Challenge, organizations compete against each other with the best ideas in the field of Artificial Intelligence applications. In this second round, we will fight on a European level who will go to the worldwide final on behalf of Europe.

Diederik van Braam van Vloten, Partner at BusinessAthletes and responsible for Data Science and Technology, explains: “The Market Driver Analyzer is an application that automates the time-consuming process of trend and key driver analyzes to predict and estimate market direction. An important advantage is that the results are ‘unbiased’ and thereby significantly increase the effectiveness in strategic decision-making. ”

Mark de Groot, General Manager at BPSOLUTIONS, adds: “With the collaboration between BusinessAthletes and BPSOLUTIONS, strategic advice is combined with in-depth technological knowledge in the field of AI. The technology has therefore been chosen to work with the IBM Watson platform. Different APIs are used to support the entire process. Examples include analyzing, enriching, qualifying, quantifying and classifying trends.”.

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