Able consolidates storage solution for the financial sector

Able consolidates storage solution for the financial sector

Storage solution financial sector

Able is the specialist in the field of development and (business) processing of innovative software platforms for investment and savings. As a result of a high level of computerization at a low price, and transparently, we are the trusted partner of asset managers, banks, insurers and pension organizations.

High available storage solution

Able had several different storage solutions from different vendors. Dell for the VMware environment, IBM DS4700 and DS4300 for AIX environment and there was no ability to share capacity. Able needs a High capacity, High available storage solution with possible growth for future expansion, a low TCO by low maintenance costs, easy management and flexible in deployment. The solutions must support AIX with LPAR and WPAR technology.

IBM Storwize V7000

BPSolutions has implemented a solution with lower TCO and easy management by consolidation on a IBM Storwize V7000 with Thin provisionin, Flash copy functionality and extra savings in disk capacity for databases with the use of Real Time Compression Software.

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