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Since the foundation of BPSOLUTIONS in 2001, we have been advising and supporting small, medium-sized and large companies and non-profit organizations in their efforts to strengthen their competitive position by rationalizing and optimizing the information facilities.

24/7 operations

BPSOLUTIONS can completely unburden you with customized advice based on the full business implication of a solution; our specific knowledge in a few point solutions and our 24/7 Operations Control Center (OCC).


All your challenges in the area of IT infrastructures and business applications can be left to the care of our experienced and expert consultants. We are happy to advise you on the business administration and financial aspects of your infrastructure investments. Your existing environments are our starting point, as are the wishes and requirements of your organization. Together with you we design a Dynamic Infrastructure solution with a best fit for your organization.

Competitive advantage

By outsourcing your IT issues to BPSOLUTIONS you keep focus on how you can use the generated data to gain competitive advantage.


BPSOLUTIONS has an extensive portfolio in the field of Cloud and Data Analytics. BPSOLUTIONS serves clients in the following market segments: Retail & Distribution, Manufacturing, Electronics, Government and semi-Government, Top Clinical hospitals and Care organizations.

BPSOLUTIONS helps companies become smarter and achieve progress by organizing their Mission Critical IT.


On the one hand, we ensure your IT is -and remains- up and running and, on the other hand, we get companies ready for the future with Data Analytics and AI. This in order to make sure we make data work for you.


In everything we do, we make the world a little smarter.




We believe in the power of together. By working together, we create the best insights. By combining our expertise (internally and externally) we achieve more.




Our drive and commitment go so far that we always find a suitable solution for everything. Guaranteed.




No organization and challenge is the same. The complexity of the Mission Critical IT environment requires a flexible approach. Only then can we guarantee an optimum solution and 100% satisfaction. We are flexible and adapt to the customer.



The way in which you work is transparent, open and honest. We create a pleasant and constructive way of working and are always ready for the customer.


More about us

Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Sustainability
Corporate Social Responsibility at BPSolutions is an integral part of the way we do business. We believe that companies can contribute to society in various areas and have the responsibility to make an effort. In short: sustainability is a socio-economic, ecological and cultural balance. It is our ambition to continually improve our performance with regard to sustainable business. We want to achieve this by embedding sustainability in the company and our business processes.

BPSolutions is happy to contribute to charities. Recently we became a member of the project Give IT Door! On behalf of this project we participate in speed dates and we provide guest lectures to enthuse students and students for the IT industry.

The environment
Care for the environment is a social ‘must’ to keep our environment liveable, now and in the future. As a company, we are aware of our exemplary role within society. We contribute to this by continually improving our management system and reducing the risks that our business activities entail. In the context of environmental care, we mainly focus on the aspects of energy, air, environmentally friendly purchasing and limiting the amount of waste. The resources required to achieve our objectives are made available by the management. The functioning of our environmental management system is assessed annually by means of the management review. The implementation of the environmental policy requires the commitment of the entire organization. The management therefore expects an active contribution from every supervisor and every employee with respect to the care for the environment and, on his side, will ensure a good level of knowledge of the employees for the environmentally conscious execution of their duties.

The Management Team of BPSolutions has set itself the following goal:

  • Developing Energy Efficiency Solutions for our customers
  • The aim to prevent and, where possible, reduce the negative impact on the environment from our own activities
  • Embed sustainability into the company and our business processes
  • Replacement investments are made in energy-efficient capital goods in order to structurally improve energy efficiency.
  • Environmentally friendly purchasing
  • Limiting the amount of waste




Data & Analytics: 80%

Applications: 70%

Middleware: 80%

Infrastructure: 90%

Cloud: 100%



What do our clients think of us?

  • We wanted to be able to spar with an expert technical partner about the required large-scale design of the new platform. We are very satisfied with the level of technical expertise from BPSOLUTIONS.
    Wietze AlbersUniversity of Groningen, The Netherlands
  • From the first contact with BPSOLUTIONS it appeared that this partner can assess very well what our needs are.
    Robert BoersTechnical Lead Asito
  • BPSOLUTIONS performed above our requirements and expectations and ensured a successful relocation of our data center.
    Kevin JonesIT Infrastructure & Operations Manager EMEAR Epson Europe
  • Amsterdam Public Library found a partner in BPSOLUTIONS that cooperates with us from beginning to the end of the project. The implementation of the new environment was successful within time and budget.
    Roel de HaanInterim IT Manager Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam
  • Our partnership with BPSOLUTIONS for our important technology refresh and software upgrade of our core information system proved to be an excellent choice. They once again demonstrated their technical excellence and good understanding of the wishes and requirements of a medium-sized organization.
    drs. Gooitsen BijmholtGroup IT Manager - Motip Dupli
  • BPSOLUTIONS employees are able to maintain overview and peace of mind and support us during our transition and all related challenges. They adapt quickly and have the right fit with the internal team.
    Manager ICMT Spaarne Gasthuis